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SEP (school educational programme) at elementary school Lesní with the motto „School for Europe“

Name of the organization Základní škola, Liberec, lesní 575/12, contributory organization
Address Základní škola, Liberec, Lesní 575/12, 460 01 Liberec 1, Czech Republic


Elementary school Lesní is very popular in Liberec.It is located in the scenic part out of the town centre called Lidové sady. ZOO and Botanical Garden are very close. Over 500 pupils from all over the town attend the school.

Qualified and cooperative pedagogical staff tends to innovation in education and training pupils.

Traditional support is represented with extremely good communication between school and parents. School provides basic general education focused on real practical life and on further education as well.

Educational strategies lead to the formation of pupils´key competencies and they teach children to be independent and creative. These strategies involve mutual tolerance, respect and develop communicative skills that are important for cooperative learning.

School community supports physical and psychical health and it creates many fields for free time activities.

The school is visited by pupils from the catchment area and from the other parts of the town as well. The school welcomes all pupils whose parents appreciate school educational curriculum and are interested in it. There are 22 classes with aproximately 25 pupils per class. The school meets all requirements to ensure safety and protection of pupils. Psychological and physical health is very important so all the staff try to support it.

School provides very good sanitary facilities.

The classrooms are equiped with new furniture that pass hygienic musters.
Pupils can use lockers and plastic boxes to store their properties.


School combines:

  • primary school for 600 pupils
  • before and after school care for 140 pupils
  • school club for 296 pupils
  • school canteen room can provide meals for 600 pupils