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Synergies for Remigrants Children Inclusion

Synergies for Remigrants Children Inclusion

                KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships and the exchange of good practices

2020 – 2023

Project number: 2020-1-RO01-KA229-079815


School partners:

  1. Scoala Gimnazială Nr. 28 Galați, Romania – project coordinator
  2. Zakladni skola, Liberec, Lesni 575/12, prispevkova organizace Czech Republic-
  3. Parnu- Jaagupi Basic School Estonia
  4. Pakuonis Lower Secondary School Lithuania
  5. Meram Dere Zafer Ilkokulu Turkey
  6. Escola  Pia Olot Spain



  1. Rationale and main objectives of  C.R.I.S  project
  2. Partners Schools´s contact details
  3. Learning, teaching or training activities
  4. Partners´ roles and responsibilities
  5. Dissemination
  6. Finances and application of funds
  7. Reporting to National Agencies
  8. Conflict resolution
  9. Changing the engagement agreement
  10. Endorsements and signatures from partner schools´ representatives


  1. Rationale and main objectives of C.R.I.S PROJECT

The questionnaires applied by Commission for the Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Education to teachers, students and parents show us the parents´ inability to intervene, the inability of the student-victim to defend, the teachers` imperative intervention , cause: children of the migrants do not benefit from the care of the parents, while the parents compensate for this lack by purchasing the latest generation gadgets, which take over the entire social life of the students; The social dynamics caused many migrants families to return to their native country. The children from these families have enrolled in schools in their native country, after 2,â and 3  years of studying in other EU countries and they need to integrate. After studying the IDP and the SWOT analysis, within it, as well as the report of the in each partner schools, the CEQAE following aspects that need improvement were identified, at the level of our partnership : 1.Re- migration of the labor force, doubled by the segregation phenomenon in the most schools from partnership created a new category of students : students - victims of the (cyber) bullying phenomenon among children of migrants. Most of the issues that generate insecurity and exclusion among these students are identified in the educational environment, but teachers, although they have acquired competences to organize and secure the educational environment in schools. 2. The lack of a strategic partnership, at Eu level and the need to experiment the methods applied in other countries, plus the need for a permanent connection between our school and other units of the same level in Eu and good practices exchanging.

The need to develop the technical and institutional capacity of the partnerschip´s schools in line with the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy (reducing school dropout and social exclusion), but also with one of the National Priorities 2019 (Equity and inclusion) has generated a new vision of the European development plan for the 2020-2021 school year :"A safe cohesive and inclusIve school"

Our aim project is to prevent segregation, discrimination, (cyber) bullying - recognition, prevention and combating- through 6 directions of simultaneous action:

  1. ICT for INCLUSION -E-leaning and audio-visual anti-bullying practices ( digital applications, podcasts an stories, chilhood games)
  2. CHILDREN´ S RIGHTS -collaboratively together on Children´s Rights (UNICEF) as European countries, we will strengthen our pupils understanding, tolerance and appreciation of each other; anti-bullying Children Rights flash mob; Children´s Rights drama plays engage students in an active way, using this process is also possible to reach students at risk of exclusion.
  3. STEAM for ESTEEM - includes real life problem solving activities, encouraging children´s autonomy. studying the basic nature elements and by connecting it with Children Rights; The STEAM units study: Wind Powered(energy) Water,( Fractals),Soil ( arhitectures) Plants( Fibonacci number)
  4. LEARNING ITINERARIES: Effective teaching means effective learning for an inclusive school
  5. PEDAGOGYCAL DRAMA - understatement of the democracy values; the theatrical plays have been produced and used for raising awareness on bullying.Children Rights role playing , as it uses reason to understand causes and effects of the bullying phenomenon ; 6.CHILDWOOD STEAM LAB- Differentiated learning techniques for students exchanging.



  • To develop professional skills for using specific methods of formal and non-formal learning, intercultural and inclusive, among the 120 teachers from partner schools, through involving during a period of 2 year into project activities , implementation, dissemination, fallow up, to integrate remigrant students with special learning needs
  • To increase the monitoring individual progress regarding the integration needs of the students, developing the 5 key competences, from the perspective of inclusive education, using STEAM instruments, through 5 short-term trainings of 75 teachers ;
  • To develop the competences of organizing the educational environment for safety and in accordance with the students needs to explore the environment, to acquire competences of independent life - "Children´s Rights",
  • To develop at least 20 innovative methods for supporting human capital development of partner schools targeting the specific activities in the field of anti- bullying educational factors in increasing synergy applying and transferring that in the local, national and international levels(LTT for teacher)
  • To create a sustainable institutional framework for piloting and easy replication of a program for anti-bulling education for at least 25 remigrants students , from each partner school, set in the project (Sept. 2020 - August 2022) and developed1year after project completion: STEAM,DRAMA, Children Righ
  • To develop of 21st century skills for 40 students: leadership skills, problem solving, decision making, project and school work management, practical creativity, conflict management, communication skills and entrepreneurship (through LTT students )
  • To improve students motivations for learning and breaking downlanguage barriers.
  • To develop knowledge and understanding among 500 students and educational staff about the diversity of European languages and values
  • To improve students and teachers usage of digital equipment( computers IQ board)
  • To use Etwinning Platform during the project period. We saw our competences by sharing the activities we did on the Twinspace. We plan to complete all our deficiencies with our Erasmus + project.

With the acceptance of our project, we will start an eTwinning project again with our partner schools. All events that are done in this process will be shared in the Twinspace. In this way all the activities of our project will be available to eTwinning users. The project will be shared effectively through eTwinning Web2 tools during the process

Target group:

  • Minimum 120 remigrants students ,from all partner schools ( 8-12 years)/ 60 parents
  • Minimum 120 teachers for primary schools
  • 6 members of school management teams;
Our first mobility in Liberec
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Lessons in Pairs
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The “Synergies” Mobility in Spain
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